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PlastiPure works throughout the plastics supply chain, leveraging its exclusive intellectual property to provide the safest materials, easily implementable methods, and highly sensitive testing for producing products that do not contain estrogenic activity (EA). You won't find a safer plastic. Choose PlastiPure.

Resin Manufacturer

PlastiPure partners with resin manufacturers to reformulate highly desirable resins for use in EA-Free products. These PlastiPure-Safe materials can generally be developed quickly and inexpensively due to PlastiPure's detailed procedures and extensive database on chemicals, additives and colorants.


Because no retooling is necessary, PlastiPure can work with our customers' preferred molders. PlastiPure has an extensive network of molders that it taps who are familiar with its EA-Free materials, processing aids and protocols to produce certified PlastiPure-SafeTM EA-Free products.


PlastiPure has a large number of EA-Free materials which can be readily distributed for a wide variety of products. PlastiPure also has a growing portfolio of EA-Free products such as reusable water bottles and baby bottles that have significant market appeal.


PlastiPure can provide a variety of materials and end products that are certified as PlastiPure-SafeTM and EA-Free.


PlastiPure's growing portfolio of EA-Free finished goods can be sold in three ways: PlastiPure-branded, partner-branded, or house-branded. All EA-Free products carry the PlastiPure-SafeTM plastic certification seal.
  • In-press peer-reviewed scientific paper reports that polycarbonate replacement resins including Tritan™ and polystyrene release chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA). (November 2014)
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    Safer plastics for a world of well-being.

    PlastiPure is the first and only company with a formula for developing plastic materials, processes, and products that are safer both for humans and the environment.

    Almost all existing plastics today – as well as many cosmetics, silicones, and paper products- release chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA). Chemicals with EA have been associated with serious health problems, especially for infants, small children, and pregnant women.

    PlastiPure-Safe™ certified EA-Free formulations and materials directly address the molecular mechanism causing EA. At PlastiPure, we have the key to creating plastics and other packaging materials that go far beyond BPA-free to be certified EA-Free, so they’re safer for you. And recyclable, so they’re safer for the Earth.

    PlastiPure. You won’t find a safer plastic.