EA Free

At PlastiPure, we believe all plastics should be certified EA-Free.
PlastiPure’s patented technology, formulations, and processes allow for a relatively inexpensive and comprehensive solution.

BPA & phthalates
Recently, two chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA) have received significant public attention: Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates.

BPA is used to manufacture polycarbonate (hard and clear) plastics, which are often used in food and beverage containers (most commonly reusable water bottles and baby bottles) and epoxy resins, which are typically found in dental sealants and as food contact liners in cans.
Phthalates are members of a class of chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride plastics and make them more flexible. They are consistently found in children’s plastic toys.

BPA and phthalates have been highly publicized for their EA, but they’re only two of hundreds of chemicals with EA commonly used to produce plastics. So while some companies are promoting their efforts to eliminate BPA and phthalates from their products, they’re leaving in (or worse, substituting) other chemicals with dangerous levels of EA.

Effective EA elimination
Eliminating BPA and phthalates does not eliminate all or even most EA, so BPA-free or phthalate-free products are not usually EA-free. In fact, sometimes, the chemicals substituted for BPA or phthalates show more EA than the original chemicals.

Replacing individual chemicals in plastics is neither an efficient nor effective way to solve the health problems being caused by chemicals with EA.
PlastiPure provides a whole-health solution by creating plastics free of EA. Our products, all PlastiPure-Safe™ certified EA-Free, are the safe consumer choice.